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Great ways to detox your mind

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Now that we can travel far and wide in England - at least - it's time to take the opportunity to head to the hills, walk in a forest or stroll on a beach or by a river and take in the wonders of nature.

Hike up a hill and enjoy the far-reaching views and the rugged landscape created several millions years ago. enjoy the freedom offered far away from the cities and pollution.

Hug a tree, collect some fir cones and listen to the rustle of leaves high above your head - look up and see the shafts of sunlight coming through the branches. Take in the smells of the trees and the damp of the leaf mould below, mixed with the pure fresh air.

As you hit the top of the sand dune and see the waves far out beyond the miles of sand, wonder at the magic of the tides controlled by the cycle of the moon. Sometimes the waves are lapping gently on the sand and shingles, making a whooshing sound as they come in and out, other times the crash of wild, strong waves makes one want to retreat to safety.

The river bed full of large rocks that withstand the strong currents of the river as the water torrents crash past and flow at speed down a rocky waterfall.

Perhaps the majesty of the river making its way through a large city offering a peaceful walk amongst the hot buildings and busy roads. The Seine, the Thames, the Elbe, the Rhine and the Hudson to name a few around the world!

Nature is our saviour.

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