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Here is a little more information about my services


Life and Career Coaching

Are you looking for promotion or a career change? 
Do you want to find your voice and build confidence?
Are you searching for your strengths to harness them to follow future dreams?
Are you looking for a complete life change?
Through conversations, co-active coaching and a mix of psychometric tests and tasks, I will assist you in moving forward.
I will help you develop your 'elevator pitch' to use on social media and when you network.
£125 per 90 minutes - minimum 3 sessions


Mentoring Circles

Mentoring Circles are a collaborative format for working together as a group.
We will utilise action learning: where we gather knowledge by working with other peers in the group setting out to find a solution to a problem or scenario.
We work in breakout groups to develop ideas further.
Each member of the group agrees actions for the month ahead. Being accountable to each other gives a sense of responsibility to deliver. 
The group steers the content and I facilitate the process.
We also set tasks based on the group's challenges.
My clients include business teams, peer to peer groups and university student cohorts.
£450 per person for 6 x monthly 2-hour sessions.
Minimum 4 and maximum 8 participants
Please get in touch to plan a package and dates.


Business Coaching

Every business has its own challenges, depending on size, staff dynamics and the business's market place.

I work with small business enterprises (SMEs) and tailor the coaching programme to suit their challenges and requirements.

Perhaps managing change or digital transformation is the challenge? 

I might work with a manager to aid development with leadership skills.

Perhaps the company needs to develop new strategies and pivot the business to meet new market needs.

The world and business is ever changing!

£150 per 90 minutes for 6 months.  Payment plan for the package.

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